The Truth about Pre Workout Supplements


With the ever-increasing popularity of Pre-workout supplements, you will find several different brands advertising different supplements which will help the athlete to go beyond the limits and boost their sports performance. However, there are two main types of Pre-workout supplements that are:

  • Supplements with creatine and its products
  • Supplements free of creatine

Creatine supplements

Creatine supplements are legal and widely used around the world to boost performance. Different versions of creatine are used in performance boosters such as Creatine HCL.


Creatine free supplements

Creatine is not the only active ingredient of pre-workout supplements. There are proprietary blends in which the ingredients used are secret and not disclosed in the description or the label. Then we have the natural supplements containing the desires amount of carbohydrates to boost the glycogen level.


Typical ingredients of most Pre-workout supplements are:

Amino acid complex: They boost energy level and help in moving the fluid and minerals across the body

Vitamin B complex: It is essential for maintaining the metabolic activity of the body and gives more immunity.

Nitric oxide Precursors: nitric oxide helps in relaxing the blood vessels and improve the blood flow in the body. Supplements contain l-arginine and l-citrulline, which are used by the body to produce nitric oxide.

Stimulant complex: Stimulant complex contains betaine, caffeine and beta-alanine providing surplus energy and strength for rigorous workouts.


Benefits of pre-workout supplements

Pre-workout nutrition is essential for keeping up with the energy levels during moderate-to-intense exercise. Here are a few potential benefits of pre-workout supplements:

More muscle mass

Leucine is a significant component of Pre-workout supplements, and it increases the rate of muscle protein synthesis in the body so you can burn the fat and build more muscles.


Help in fat loss

Pre-workout supplements contain the right amount of caffeine which helps in the fat-burning process. It gives you strength and alertness so you should not consume it if you intend to rest in a few hours.


More power and energy

Rigorous exercises and intense workout requires focus and a tremendous amount of energy. Creatine and caffeine give long-lasting energy, and the combination with vitamin B provides enough energy for such hardcore exercises.


Helps prevent premature fatigue

As soon as energy level drops during exercise, your muscles feel tired, causing premature fatigue. High energy nutrients in the supplements allow you to work out for a longer time with more power and energy.


Side effects of Pre-workout supplements

Although most people don’t face any severe side effects, yet there are few changes you may notice if you start taking these supplements.

  • Sleeplessness
  • Nausea
  • Increased heart rate
  • Dizziness

If these symptoms persist consult your health professional as soon as possible. Always test your own tolerance as everyone is different.


When buying Pre workout supplements, make sure they are from a reputable vendor i.e GMP Approved, ISO9001 Certified, Informed Sport certified if possible and any other additional accreditation's, this will show they have taken the time with their product. Vegan and vegetarian products may also be cleaner versions and always read reviews for customer feedback.

Always do your own research on the ingredients especially if they are not from a reputable or accredited brand, some Pre workout supplements have had some dangerous ingredients and banned substances. If you are not keen on a Pre-workout supplement, natural sources of energy such as bananas, eggs and high-quality meat and carbs work well, they just wont give you the same buzz!

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